6 reasons business cards and flyers are still good marketing tools

In today’s digital world, marketing strategies are diverse and we all are well aware of the advancements that the world of marketing has experienced. But, does this mean that traditional marketing methods are off the cards?

Business cards or even flyers are still widely used. Regardless of the explosion of digital marketing, these paper media remain relevant. Affordable, they are essential during networking events. For many other reasons, business cards and flyers could still be one of the most powerful marketing tools you have.

Before we get into these reasons, let’s take a look at their brief history:

Business cards: The first believed usage of the small cardboard/paper was back in 15th Century China.They were called “visiting cards” and were given to hosts to announce the arrival of aristocrats and royalty. In the 17th Century, Europe began using cards with similar functions but were close to playing cards in size and shape. It was only around the 18th and 19th Centuries that these cards took on their business function that we of today are all familiar with.

Flyers: Before the invention of printing, rich merchants in Renaissance Italy would commit important information to handwritten paper newsletters. These would be passed around, detailing the latest news on wars and the economy.
Flyers and leaflets were also used in the battle for Women’s Suffrage in the early 1900s. This development continued across the middle of the 20th century – from wartime propaganda and public service information to the DIY fanzines of punk music in the 1970s.

Today, business cards and flyers have evolved from simple black–and–white pieces of cardboard/paper to what can be considered as functional works of art that can easily be created and ordered online. And although we are in the digital age, here are a few reasons why business cards still matter today:

1. Affordable way to promote

Marketing flyers or effective business cards can produce big results on a small budget. For less than the cost of a large pizza, you can get about 100 business cards or flyers. Yes, it will cost more if you change some basic elements (like the quality of the paper, color, or add other unique designs), but if you aren’t willing to invest in your business, you can’t expect anyone else to.

2. They are small but mighty

Handing a business card or a flyer to a potential client gives him the impression that you’re committed and legitimate. It also tells your potential client that you’re prepared and, more importantly, willing to take responsibility by opening a way for communication.
Having pocket or wallet-sized business cards means you can take your marketing efforts further and in real-time. It’s like a quick summary of your business profile or your event all on a palm-sized paper.

3. They are useful at networking events

A networking tool that is simple, effective, and flexible is a powerful one. And business cards or flyers fall into this category. Simple in design, they lend themselves well to link building. A business card is easily transmitted from hand to hand, which could potentially transform a meeting into a client and a client into an ambassador when he passes on your card. It’s a win-win situation.

4. They serve the promotion of your brand or your event

Designing an eye-catching business card or compelling flyer requires some level of marketing planning and graphic design. A good hook can dramatically improve your brand image or interest in your event in seconds. And arousing the curiosity of a prospect is always a good thing.

5. They do not pose any technical problems

In the all-digital era, marketing has also gone digital. The internet is saturated with content. Sometimes a simple “go see my site” is no longer enough. Having a good website and social media pages for your business is necessary. However, not being able to access it at all times can cause you to lose customers. And that’s where your business cards and paper flyers come into their own, invaluable because they don’t rely on the internet. Unlike your website or Facebook page, your flyers and business cards don’t crash due to server issues.

6. They work

This is the most important reason to have business cards or paper flyers. They can be great marketing materials for any type of business or event. With an impactful business card, your networking events will be profitable. With well-designed paper flyers, you will generate new business opportunities and build customer loyalty.

Flyers and business cards remain useful marketing tools. Simple, usable by everyone, at any time and in all cultures, they are always effective in any marketing strategy.

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