Best Times to Post on Social Media

Are you thinking you don’t get engagement on your social media because you’re not posting at the right times? Or have you only just set up a new social channel for your business and are wondering how often you should post on social media, and on what times? Before we dig in to give in-depth answers, here’s something you need to understand: there are no magic times to post on social media. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of trial and error. Plus, there are some fundamental principles to stick with such as being consistent in the updates you make on social media. Along the way, we’ll also cover how often you should post on some of the big social channels. You’ll learn the best times to post on each and how many times to update each social channel as well. But, our emphasis will be on testing to find out how often you should post on social media.

How Often to Post on Social Media

When we say, ‘how often’ I think of two parts to answer this: how many times and what times to post. In short, it’s a triple-decker to achieving your social media objectives including: being consistent on social; actively engaging with your audience; offering as much value as you can so your audience waits for your posts.

How frequently you should post on Social Media?

Instead of a formulaic approach, we favor diving into your social media analytics to understand when your audience is most engaged and, subsequently, when you should post on each channel. Quality content should be shared as frequently as you can consistently produce it. This is still true for 2022 and it will never change.

Best Times to Post on Social Media

The correct answer to this depends on a couple of factors such as: the time zone you are in; chances are you’ve read 1 pm is the best time to post on so and so social channel. So, you’ve decided you’re going to schedule your update at that time. But, have you stopped to ask: which time zone is it? Even if you already have the answer to this, you better ask yourself: which time zone is my audience in? Asking these two questions can show you how tough it is to point out a single time and call it the magic time to post on social media. The industry you are in; Again, odds are a certain posting time works well for someone you know, but it isn’t delivering the same results for you. Wondering why? Because not only are your audiences different but you’re in different industries as well. Put simply, the ideal posting time boils down to the industry you are in. Dine-in restaurants are likely to get engaged during the evening hours. On the other hand, someone in the carpentry industry is likely to get engagement in the mornings.

How often to post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network for salespeople, business folks, and recruiters. So, you’ll find users active during work hours. Even so, lots of users tend to actively post on LinkedIn even over the weekend. What’s the best time to post on LinkedIn? Studies confirm the best times to post on Linkedin range between 08:00 to 14:00 and the best days to post on Linkedin are from Monday to Thursday. It usually doesn’t help if you post outside of business hours or on weekends. LinkedIn’s demographics comprises of working people, so the best time to catch them is during work hours. How many times should you post on LinkedIn? If you’re wondering how often should I post on LinkedIn. well. Ideally, once daily. But no more than twice in a given day. Any more and you know that you’re not observing the right balance to social media posting.

How often should you post on Facebook?

Recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm have made organic engagement challenging. Which are the best days to post on Facebook? Studies outline Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as the best days to post on Facebook. When is the best time to post on Facebook? The best times to post on Facebook, on the other hand, are 09:00 to 20:00 when your audience is either Facebooking as they start their day and around dinnertime. To start off, start posting on Facebook in the morning and around dinner. The time zone, of course, depends on where your audience is.

How many times should you post on Facebook?

Most studies agree one post a day is best for Facebook. Maximum? Two per day. As for a minimum, three posts weekly on Facebook should do. This is a helpful estimate as the posting frequency helps you stay consistent as well as on top of your audience’s mind. The estimate is also great for those who run a Facebook group. If you aren’t running a FB community yet, but are part of many, it’s best you allot some time to engaging with group members daily.

Summing up, favour quality over quantity when deciding how often to post on social media. Make sure you’re consistent in actively showing up on social and providing value. One thing to keep in mind as we wrap the guide though: this prevailing pandemic has disrupted most of the plans. It has changed the answer to how often should you post on social media as well. The quarantine has increased social media consumption, so it’s okay if you post thrice instead of twice a day to better connect with your audience.

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