Top 5 marketing strategies on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular applications in recent years. This application was at first dedicated to young generations but not anymore. You’ll find there short videos like lip sync, dance, transitions challenge, make-up and fashion videos,… Our marketing specialists have looked at this application which has already exceeded 1 billion active users per month to come up with creative advertising ideas.

With an increasing number of users, if you want to promote your business on this social network, it is almost impossible not to find at least a part of your target audience. At the moment, there are only few entrepreneurs who take in consideration the advertising on TikTok, which is an advantage for promoting your brand here.

Therefore, here are the 5 marketing strategies on TikTok:


Usually, these ads are short videos (max. 15 seconds), that appear between the videos that users watch. These ones are similar to the ads we find on Instagram Stories. Being short commercials, they tend not to bore the TikTok users. And the more interesting they are, the more they captivate your target audience.


At the moment, the most popular promotion strategy on TikTok is the hashtag challenge. To create such a challenge, you need an original hashtag that refers to your brand. Over the years, many challenges have been launched on TikTok, but the most popular ones are the videos in which the users are filmed making funny choreographies, through which they promote certain products or brands. The imagination really has no limits!


Some ads appear when you open the application for the first time, on the entire screen of the phone. Usually, these ads are intended for a target audience and should be as attractive and specific as possible.


This type of strategy is a real success on all social networks. Regarding this strategy, you have to keep in mind two very important aspects:

  • Relevance and originality: You don’t have to contact an influencer with such a large online community, but an influencer that has credibility. This one can promote your business by providing original content, through product unboxings, positive reviews, various hauls with the latest products purchased etc.
  • Compatibility: To be successful, you need to find people who match your products and services. It is necessary to collaborate with influencers that find themselves and believe in your brand. A person who believes in your products and services, offers you a quality advertising.


Duets are very popular on TikTok. All you have to do is to create videos with another TikToker, in order to be discovered by as many users as possible. You can make a duet with friends, influencers, celebrities etc.

The marketing on TikTok is growing more and more, with a huge capacity for success. Don’t miss this opportunity for your business! KJ Web Office can help you position yourself on this new social network. Don’t hesitate to contact our marketing team!

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